Rosti designs and creates cycling clothing for all  specialities and seasons and to all specifications: prototypes, one-off pieces, limited series, big sponsors. Training, racing and after-race clothing. The graphic and technical personalisation possibilities are endless.

Rosti uses only the best technical fabrics and the most advanced production technologies. Every item is tailored and finished by hand.

Rosti controls and certifies all the production stages of its garments, from the origin of the yarns to their use in the fabrics, from the printing stage to the packaging of the finished product.

Performance first and foremost: product and image excellence, rapid delivery, excellent quality/price ratio.


Attention and care are paramount in ensuring the long-life of ROSTI® products. Some simple yet invaluable tips to take good care of your ROSTI® garments:

Avoid yanking the fabric and straining the seams. 

Technical sports clothing, and cycling clothing above all, must be considered in the light of their primary function which is the function-use. It is important to wear them bearing in mind this purpose; so, we recommend that you simulate the the riding position, putting on the garments with care. 

The ROSTI shorts have an ergonomic design for the perfect position on the saddle.  Don’t worry if the braces “pull” slightly on the shoulders when you are in an upright position; if they do not pull then you may have chosen a bigger size than you need: in this case you should choose a smaller size.


Wash the garments as soon as possible after use following the instructions on the label.

Avoid direct sunlight when drying.

Put the garment away only when it is completely dry.


Wash the garments separately from other clothes or accessories to prevent friction and scratches.

If no washing powder or liquid is available, rinse the item with plenty of cold water.

Do not use bleach or use fabric softener; an eco-friendly, liquid detergent is the best choice.

Do not leave the garment to soak, do not rub or wring out excessively; simply squeeze the garment by hand to eliminate excess water.

Remember to turn the garment inside out (with the seams on the outside) before washing.

Hand wash in warm water (max. 30°).

Dry flat or on a hanger, away from direct sunlight, do not spin dry.

Not suitable for dry cleaning.

Do not iron.


Pilling is the result of abrasion or improper use of the garment. The advanced textile technology and the tests carried out on all of Rosti's garments rule out the occurrence of pilling at origin. 

It is best to avoid using stitched saddles, the stitching on the saddle that comes into contact with the legs and buttocks could cause pilling.

Pay attention to Velcro strips on accessories, bike bags and other potentially abrasive accessories that could come into contact with the Rosti fabrics.

Unfortunately this type of damage cannot be repaired. Pilling is caused by improper use of the garment; it is not a manufacturing defect.

ROSTI® warranty & repair service

ROSTI® garments are designed and manufactured in Brembate, close to Bergamo, using made in Italy materials, assembled and sewn by hand by highly qualified personnel and come with a 3 month warranty. 

Rosti guarantees the quality of the fabrics and pads used and of the seams. Every detail of each garment is carefully controlled. Fabric, colour and seams are checked carefully before the garment is packaged.

Besides the care over details and the high quality of the materials that make the garments high-performing, in most cases ROSTI offers consumers a free seam repair service.

If you want to send a ROSTI garment back for repair or for warranty problems, please choose one of the following methods: in person or by mail.

The simplest way is to directly contact the Maglificio Sportivo Rosti.  Otherwise you can return the item by mail or courier. Maglificio Sportivo Rosti is committed to solving any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The address for return by mail is:


Via Piemonte 16/18

24041 Brembate (BG)


 • the garment must be delivered washed and dried

 • the garment must be delivered in a package with a detailed description of the problem

 • take care when packaging your Rosti garment

 • it is important to include your full name and address 

 • attach the receipt of purchase

 • send the package by insured mail or courier and keep the delivery receipt. The delivery costs are at the client's expense.

The Rosti Guarantee system

Total or partial repairs under warranty are generally made free of charge but ROSTI® reserves the right to assess each case individually. 

In the case of repairs not under guarantee and therefore subject to a cost, ROSTI® will contact you before making the full or partial repair to agree on the work to be done.


Detachment of the pad: any problems with the seams of the pad, ripped stitches - detachment of the pad, is a manufacturing defect that will be repaired free of charge.

Breakage of the zipper under warranty: if the garment is under warranty, the faulty zipper will be replaced with a new one free of charge.

Maglificio Sportivo Rosti has always designed and made Race inspired garments; for this reason we urge our clients to check the size of the garments chosen with great care before making their purchase. See the reference sizes table.

Problems regarding the comfort of the garments are mainly due to the fact that they are the wrong size, generally bigger than necessary.  Also in this case, even although the Rosti Group has no responsibility, Rosti Style will do its best to find a solution to the problem and adjust the garment to the client’s needs.

If the problem is not the size, please inform of us of this before returning the garment. 

ROSTI® declines responsibility in the case of improper use of its products but welcomes suggestions on how it can improve the services it offers its clients.

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