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Rosti land

Northern Italy, two burbling rivers that chase each other down the Alps to the plain. The Adda is the captain, it has the rhythms of the great passista. The Brembo is more lithe, reactive, the nature of the grimpeur and role of domestique. Closed between the two rivers there is a small rugged and loamy borderland. It’s called Isola Bergamasca. And this is where the sportswear manufacturer Rosti was born. 

Rosti start

The Seventies, decade of great technical innovation and image make-over for cycling. The first colourful jerseys, the first technical fabrics, the introduction of the pad.

Franco Alborghetti is production manager in Centro Lombardo Sport. In 1979, his wife, Anna Rosti, opens a small craft knitwear-workshop. They have two sons, Giovanni and Maurizio, who grow up together in the workshop.

Rosti bros

Two young boys who chase each other on their bikes, battle it out, become men. One impulsive and subversive, the other rational and determined, in turn. In 1994 they take over the family workshop, buy a plotter, create a brand. All the creative and productive energy channelled into creating a competitive business. Right from the start the racing spirit: jerseys for winners, juniores, amateurs and enthusiasts. 

Rosti racing

The small workshop becomes a factory, entering the world of competitive cycling. Future top riders such as Masnada, Ganna, Bernal come to the attention of the world in Rosti jerseys. The European Championships, Sagan, Sir Wiggins. MTB, track, triathlon, the Sei Giorni.

Racing the Milan-Sanremo on a fixie. The idea of a bike challenge in Mongolia. A criterium in the nearby village of Crespi D’Adda, Unesco World Heritage Site. Where there's a challenge, there's Rosti. Extreme adventures, no limits.

Rosti style

Independent, alternative, Rosti style is born from passion and hard work. The first collections springing from the competitions, for the most discerning enthusiasts. Works of art inspired by optical, street and pop, the first vintage jerseys, graphics and design with high chromatic impact, because visibility on the road means safety. The fixie races, the first gravels. Continuous innovation of high performance technical fabrics. New headquarters, new partners. Rosti anticipates phenomena, trends and technologies.

Rosti community

Thousands of graphic layouts, hundreds of teams, clubs, groups. A close bond with the youth team Colpack, the first Pro teams, Carmiooro. Since 2016 Androni and since 2017 AG2R, the long-established French World Tour team. The first Giro d’Italia, the first Tour de France, the first victories in the World Tour. All this with just one aim: offering enthusiasts and young people of all ages the very best.  Athletes, enthusiasts, customers, friends, followers, testimonials. The Rosti community is born.

Rosti team

The Rosti knitwear company is the fruit of the synergy of the Alborghetti brothers, owners of the company. Maurizio Alborghetti is responsible for production, logistics, R&D. He has overseen the growth of the company; he is the brain and operating system of Rosti. Giovanni Alborghetti is the head of the Rosti style centre and of commercial development, sponsorships, events, marketing and communication. He is the creative spirit of Rosti. A team has formed around them over the years, dedicated to the growth of the Rosti brand.

Rosti brand

Rosti was born as a quality brand at the service of amateur and professional teams. The superlight jackets and capes, the socks and boost bib shorts, the vintage jerseys and Rosti style collections become reference points of quality and technological leadership. In parallel, the identity and graphic, chromatic and communicational originality of the Rosti products and accessories is increasingly appreciated by customers. Behind the image, passion, edginess, ambition, generosity authenticity and vitality of the Rosti mood is clearly perceived. The roots, values and effort to become a brand are clear. Rosti’s message is clear: the bike, riding a bike reveals your lifestyle. Rosti - bike your style!

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